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Typos...we've all been there.

Typos are a part of life if you're in the printing business. But typos make it into emails, word documents and so much more! Sometimes they're funny, sometimes embarrassing and sometimes they're just so cringe-inducing you want to crawl into a hole.

Taking a few minutes to really read and re-read your text before submitting it to your printer can make all the difference. We try to proof-read text provided by our customers, but it's not always easy and we may not always know the intention behind the spelling.

Proofs are an integral part of any design process and ultimately the designers responsibility to prevent or correct spelling or grammatical errors. But as a customer, you have a job to do too! Proof forms across the board, typically have a disclaimer that if you sign off on it, it's yours. Right or wrong. Take that seriously! No one wants to realize in the midst of a big meeting that the company name is misspelled, or that the boss's name says something not so nice instead of their name.

Spellcheck is your friend and mine! But still errors get through.

Here are a couple of funny ones we've seen that make me cringe just to see them.

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