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Custom Index Tabs, our specialty!

Custom Index Tabs can seem intimidating at first, but letting us guide you through the process can make it effortless. Tabs are a great way to dress up a presentation, get your office files organized or make a standout mailing piece. With the wide variety of colors, styles and materials available for custom tabs, you can be sure to get the right look for the right project.

Tabs can be used horizontally, as for 3 ring binder or other binding type applications. They can also be vertical, for medical or legal files. We can also add a die cut tab to a brochure to make it stand out that little bit more. The possibilities are endless.

Tabs can be printed with copy only on the tab extension itself, or on the body of the tab, giving you more flexibility in your use. We can print them full color, with full bleeds or simple black and white utilitarian tabs.

Check out our tab section for templates, ideas and more!

Colored mylar is available in a wide variety of colors to differentiate tabs within a set or to color-coordinate your presentation or binding project. Tabs can be incorporated into nearly any binding style.

Whether you need a dozen sets, a single tab, a 1000 sets or 500 brochures with a die cut tab, we can make it work!

The next time you're looking for a way to dress up a brochure, add some pizzazz to a presentation or get those files in order, consider custom index tabs by Ron Smith Printing. All our tabs are created in house and the price and turn-time are incredible!

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