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House Stocks, Paper Types and Specialty Stocks (and what they work best for!)

We offer many types of House Stocks (stocks that are kept in stock and therefore do not have to be special ordered) in both offset, bond and coated grades.

Most papers can be ordered and in-house for printing within a day or two. We offer a wide selection on hand at all times as well as access to multiple large Paper Houses that supply our materials and deliver each day.

When trying to figure out what type of paper you want, the big question to ask is "What am I using this for and how am I going to be using it?"
That's typically what we'll ask when a customer is not sure what they'd like or need for a specific project.

Uncoated Text

First, we'll go over basic "copy paper" type stocks that include offset and digital grades. 

Perfect for Flyers, Letterheads, basic forms, informal invites, notepads, statements and so much more, the offset/digital uncoated text weight category is the most widely used.

Weights are figured as 20#/50#, 24#/60#, 28#/70#/ and 32#/80# (20# - Copy paper weight, 50# equivalent offset weight) 20#/50# and 24#/60# are most often used for statements, letterheads, flyers, notepads, etc... This would be similar to the paper you'd run through an office or desktop printer and is laser compatible.

Cover Stocks

Next, we'll talk about Cover stocks in uncoated or coated finishes. These weights include 80#, 100#, 110#, 120# cover.  These are generally used for signs, business cards, formal invites or dressier invites, book covers and more. They are available in uncoated, matte coated or gloss coated as well as cast coated. These are pretty self explanatory, uncoated being a similar finish to plain paper, matte being a coated stock with a duller finish, gloss coated is well, glossy, and cast coated is very glossy.

Coated Text

Coated text weights are figured as 70#, 80# or 100# text.  These are perfect for brochures, booklets, handouts, flyers, corporate reports. Pretty much anything that you are planning to print in color and want to have a great finished feel.  These are also available in gloss or matte coated. an 80# text weight gloss is approximately the same thickness in feel as a 28# copy paper. Just a bit heavier than normal laser stocks.

Specialty Finishes

Linens, Laids, Columns, Stone finishes are just some of the cotton content, specialty paper that you have to choose from. These are available in most standard text and cover weights as well as envelopes to match.  They are perfect for letterheads, corporate reports, brochures, business cards and anything else that you want to have a nice "hand-feel" and project a polished image.

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